Transforming Events into Experiences.

    Transform your race day or virtual race day into an entertaining and motivating experience with in-run audio messages from friends, family and more.


    Emotional Fuel You Need.

    Cheers, Mantras, Reminders, and Audio Tours. Hear your audio messages for a powerful boost.

    Happy Ears =

    Strong Mind & Body.

    Easily use Motigo with your favorite running and music apps.

    "Very cool, innovative, and millennial approved. I absolutely loved hearing my friends and family cheer me on."

    Crystal B.

    RussVegas Half Marathon 2017 (16 cheers)

  • Virtual Event Update: 2021

    • For virtual events that are available to run anytime over a few day or few week period, you must pick the specific day you intend to run (scroll through event list carefully) and unfortunately, if you change your planned date, any cheers previously left for you will not transfer to your new date. The good news - you can ask supporters to record new cheers, and you can listen to their prior messages in past events.


    • Due to updates from Facebook, the Motigo app can currently support sharing your event via text or email only, and those cheering you on must use the app to record messages.
    • Reminder, Motigo will not work on a treadmill!


    • If you run into problems with the app and don't hear all of your messages during your run, please know that cheers are always available to be listened to in past events. 
  • The Magic of Motigo

    Thoughtfully designed to make race day great

    Pre-Record Audio


    Cheers from your biggest supporters. Your own mantras and reminders. Either way, you and your peeps can record messages in advance, and choose the mile markers on the course/virtual run where they should play!

    Auto-magically Hear Along the Course

    Get powerful inspiration without having to fuss with your device for texts, emails, or calls (OMG!). Motigo works in the background while you use your favorite fitness and music apps.

    Forever Archived Messages


    Race day/your virtual race should be memorable. Relive your experience thanks to always archived audio messages. Get re-inspired listening to the heartwarming messages from your family or LOL when you listen to the funny messages left by friends.

  • "I LOVED this app. I thought it was awesome that I could hear all the funny and inspirational messages my family and friends left me. I thought it made my experience that much more special."


    Jo B. (64 cheers) - 2017 Boston Marathon

    "Life changing .... to hear my family and friends when I needed them the most... when I was about to break during my first full marathon... priceless ... the coaching tips were also phenomenal !! Thank you so much!!"


    Lindsey R. (19 Cheers) - St. Jude Marathon

    "I got a PR and I know it was because of Motigo. Hearing my friends, husband, and daughter cheer me on made me run faster than ever to hear the next message. I will absolutely be more likely to choose a race WITH Motigo than without. This needs to be standard at all races!"


    Leslie H. (43 cheers) - RussVegas Half Marathon

    “The cheers I received from my friends and family made me cry. It was more than motivating!”


    Mariah G. (10 Cheers) - St. Jude Half Marathon

    "But honestly, I would not have been able to do it without Motigo. Listening to the cheers from my friends and family kept me motivated throughout the race.”


    Emily R. (24 Cheers) - RBC Half Marathon

    “If I would have known how much I was going to like it – LOVE IT – while running the half-marathon, I would have reached out to more friends and family and would have begged everyone to jump on board.”


    Celeste E. (2 Cheers) - Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

    “I just wanted to say thanks and I think what you have created is wonderful. This past weekend, my wife ran MCM. Since my son was running a fever, we couldn't get to the race to cheer her on. My 6 year son and 2 year old daughter recorded a bunch of messages, and I really think it encouraged her to finish her second marathon.”



    Brian P. 2015 Marine Corps Marathon “Supporter”

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