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    Training Experiences

    Inspiring audio-based training experiences for you to build up to race day, powered by your music and your running community.

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  • Why Training Experiences?

    It's about helping you on your Road to Race Day!

    Motigo started with a vision to transform race day into a more personalized experience. Now, we want to inspire, motivate, and entertain you on the many miles you put in to get to that starting line or achieve your personal goals.


    We’re introducing our Training Experiences platform, which taps into the running community and works with variety of content creators, motivators, and sources of inspiration within the running community.


    On Motigo they will now create and share their own programs - each with a style and structure that reflects their personality. Some programs might be highly functional with lots of tips, while others may share more short stories and experiences to inspire you. And some will have a little of both, so we encourage you to discover the one the suits you best!


    This is about helping you stay connected to and empowered during the little moments while you put in the work. On each run, expect a few in-run messages to keep you focused and moving forward towards your goals.

  • How We're Different & What To Expect


    These are not live classes. They are inspiring audio experiences.

    • This about your run or workout, where you want to do it (works outdoors only) and when you want to do it. 

    Sign up anytime. 16+ weeks are not required!

    • If you've been training, or have a race coming up, we make it easy to sign up anytime, start on the week that fits your current progress, and even go back to past workouts if desired.

    No set days.

    • Most of our training experiences don't have set days, meaning you do them on the days that are best for your schedule that week! 

    We're not going to talk your ear off.

    • Some runs may only have 1 message, others might have more than 4. Remember, this is about sprinkling in a little goodness to each workout.
  • Audio Training Experience Partners

    Be inspired and guided thanks to content from some of the best running communities, run crews, brands, and events

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    Moms Run This Town

    10K Program (up to 8 weeks)

    The She Runs Six Point Two training plan incorporates strength training and optional speed drills into a scheduled run routine. Our goal is go help you build up strength regardless of if this is your first 10k or you are looking to run a faster 10k. We provide tips on nutrition, suggest speed drills, and give suggestions for how to make this your best 10k ever.

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    IMT Des Moines Marathon

    1/2 Marathon Program (12+ weeks)

    Train like never before with IMT Des Moines Half Marathon audio training experience. Get inspiration and motivation directly in your earphones along with helpful Half Marathon tips on training, nutrition, hydration and more. Best of all—the experience is specific to the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon course, giving you tips and hints to use on race day. It's like a running coach right in your ear!

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    AfterShokz #262squad Marathon Training Experience, powered by BibRave

    Marathon Program (up to 18 weeks)

    BibRave is a fun and active running community! Team BibRave brings together a wide variety of experts through The BibRave Podcast and The BibRave Blog to explore all aspects of training (different running workouts, nutrition, cross-training, sports psychology, recovery techniques, and more). Our training plans will bring together the best from our experts, and deliver those tips while you are on your run! And, of course, we’ll include other fun stuff to keep you motivated and inspired to train towards your next goal!

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    Black Girls Run!

    1/2 Marathon or 5K Program (up to 12 weeks)

    Our Black Girls RUN! Preserve the Sexy Half Marathon training is for anyone looking to take their running to the next level. And our WalkB4URun 5K training is for beginners who want to start learning how to run the right way. Be inspired and supported by our community every step of the way!

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    AfterShokz #262squad Marathon Training Experience - Honolulu Marathon, powered by BibRave

    Honolulu Marathon Program (up to 18 weeks)

    This program is perfect for any beginner runner taking on their first Marathon in Honolulu. We’ll share fun inspiration and motivation, along with helpful Marathon tips on training, nutrition, hydration, and more. AND, we’ll give you tips on how to take on the Honolulu course (and what to look forward to before/after race day).